Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • jsw
    Feb 12, 02:42 PM
    This is great. I like the addition of European blood into the Moderator folk to help with additional time zones.
    Nermal might be a bit offended by that. ;)

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  • techfreak85
    Jan 1, 10:57 AM
    I wonder how many team members don't even know about the passkey/bonus system? Could we up output by educating them about that, as well as client configuration?

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  • anarchist
    Jan 18, 02:42 PM

    Nice app that (in my experience) flawlessly finds missing info on any song in your iTunes directory including artist, album, genre, track number, album art, etc. Even if you don't pay and have the program do your work for you (3 at a time without license) it's still a LOT faster than finding all the information accurately yourself. :cool:

    A license is $20 USD.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 20, 07:55 PM
    But what exactly is your response to the fact that iOS as a platform has more users - therefore is more enticing to developers? And that Android is just a free OS that's modified and put on to phone handsets, mostly HORRID handsets, and many that can't even run an app? You're defending a Linux kernel like it's some breakthrough. Newsflash - it's not.

    Most of the phones running android within the last year and a half can run 90% of the apps available on the Market. And most of the handsets are great for their use, rather it be budget smartphone: Optimus 1 family or highend: Droid line or Keyboard: G2 by htc. Developers are flocking to android because it is growing faster then iOS.


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  • Kenrik
    Mar 2, 08:26 AM
    Will the Snow Leopard Mac Mini Unlimited Server install disk/key work on other hardware? I have a Mac Mini Server and a Mac Pro and I wanted to know if in the future I wanted to migrate the server to the pro that the disk would install on the pro or if it is limited to the mini?

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  • pdjudd
    Apr 4, 07:52 AM
    This is a great offer. But how about unlimited calls to any states in the US? I think it would be very good for a subscriber who wants to call anywhere in the US. thanks.
    AT&T's cellular plans are already nationwide. Unless of course you want unlimited international plans which I don't think are ever going to happen.


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  • tobefirst
    Oct 10, 04:53 PM
    ...and if you already have an image tied to that person, it will overwrite it with their twitter pic

    I don't care for that at all either. In fact, I would like to have it the other way- it shows my contact pic INSTEAD OF a tweeter's picture if I have one. It just replaced my sister's picture with the blank Twitter icon. Not cool.

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  • imacintel
    Oct 21, 02:25 PM


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  • xmatthamptonx
    Apr 5, 08:53 PM
    I'm currently recording with a MXL 991 condenser through my M-audio Fast Track Pro.
    It seems to have a pretty weak built-in preamp as I have to turn the gain up around 90% to get a decent sound from it which is, of course, quite fuzzy.
    I've also heard that the MXL 990 series are fairly low-output mics.

    Any solutions?
    Small, decent, affordable preamps?

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  • sorryiwasdreami
    Nov 10, 10:15 PM
    Can anyone recommend an app that does with video what iPhoto does with photos? It should have a library of thumbnails, folders, search, the ability to display most video types, not just limited to QuickTime, ability to drag and drop files which create aliases, etc.

    Basically iPhoto for videos. Oh yeah, and free (my guess is it ain't gonna happen for free).



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  • takao
    Mar 21, 05:09 AM
    that it needs arguments about cost to abolish the death penalty is hardly a testament to the "values" or "morals" many politicians like to talk about

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  • jsalda
    Apr 25, 08:56 AM
    I'll probably get one, I'm so sick of my dumb phone and tired of seeing the wife with her iP4. It'll just put me in line for the iP6 upgrade path, don't know if I would even use the extra HP with the iP5. Plus, I would think you would be able to sell a genuine white iP4 on ebay and get a good chunk.


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  • MacBytes
    Jun 26, 08:54 AM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: premieres online community for Mac Java developers (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

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    Apr 4, 01:24 PM
    Why should people who just want to read the news be compelled to provide the FT with personal information in order to do so? Why does the FT need to know my name, address, phone number, etc.?

    Because the Financial Times wants it that way. The company offers its content to subscribers under certain conditions, and it is free do so. If the company should not be allowed to do that for the sake of consumer protection, then there should be laws to prohibit such practice. If you personally do not agree with the conditions of the subscription, then you are always free to decide not to subscribe. If it turns out that their decision keeps customers from subscribing, then they might choose to reconsider.

    With regard to subscriptions on iOS, I think that Apple simply goes too far and should leave content providers the freedom to offer their content in their way, based on their subscription models. As the Financial Times has stated, under the current terms of the App Store, subscriptions via iOS do not meet their expectations because they cannot provide the content in the way they would like to.

    On a side note, I wonder whether Apple violates competition rules. When I remember correctly, the iPad had a considerable market share on the tablet market. One could argue that Apple abuses its market position to impose their own (unfair) conditions on publishers.


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  • kavika411
    Apr 13, 10:27 AM
    Nice insight... your sources?

    Just my general awesomeness. ;)

    I obviously have no sources. But I do think there are a few definitive patterns Apple follows. One of them is this - don't cannibalize sales or media attention by rolling out multiple new/big items at the same time; rather, allow for a couple of months at a minimum between a new iPhone and a new iPod line, or between a new iPad and a big refresh of Macs. Another pattern is that when they roll out a very new product (such as the iPhone 1, or Apple TV, etc.), make it fairly bare bones so that people can get used to it, so that it can begin an easy integration into your life, your home, and so on.

    So why do I mention that? Because we all know (at least with 93% certainty) that the North Carolina data center is Apple's entry into some form of cloud computing. We also know that Amazon just threw the gauntlet down by unveiling its cloud. We also know things are moving fast with cable networks, studios, etc. racing to get apps and content onto your mobile device, especially your iPad.

    All the while, the iPhone sales appear to be kicking ass, and besides a larger screen, there doesn't seem to be anything that Joe Public is fretting about not having in the iPhone. For the average crowd, the iPhone 4 is plenty sufficient and remains in high demand.

    So, in my mind, I smush all of that "data" together, and I believe strongly that there is a blackboard in Steve Jobs office that looks at the forest - not the trees - and shows April/May media event to roll out cloud, and shows the summer as an educational time for consumers to begin integrating cloud into their lives, late summer a new line of iPods that make strong use of the cloud, and perhaps (emphasis on perhaps) a new iPad the has strong cloud integration for holiday sales.

    Another way I look at the iPhone 4 is this - it's like when Apple plateaued, in a good way, with Leopard. Apple essentially said, this is awesome, let's chill with this. The most we'll do is tighten up the code a bit with Snow Leopard. The iPhone 4 is like Leopard. While us Apple geeks - me included - enjoy pondering how much more we need out of the iPhone 5, the reality is the vast majority of mobile phone customers are more than satisfied by the iPhone 4, and there is little need for Apple to take attention off the pending cloud release and focus on a iPhone 5.


    I yield the floor. ;)

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  • Greenjeens
    Jul 26, 08:43 PM
    At this point, I couldn't really care less about Blu Ray or HD-DVD. I'd be more excited if Apple included Lightscribe or equivalent capability in their drives. Unlabeled discs are piled high on my desk.

    Get a $100 inkjet cd/dvd printer. I use the Epson R320 (has a few more bells and whistles). You can Google images and print just about any kind of image on your discs. They look GREAT!
    Generic ink is about $15 for a complete set! Doesn't look the best for photos but works fine for labels.



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  • zelmo
    Apr 24, 09:36 PM
    I'm really enjoying the ongoing battle between chibianh and Tarnished Traveller...really a back and forth battle for at least the past couple of months.
    They were both coming up on me pretty fast until the ol' PS3 started cranking out the WUs. I'll enjoy that advantage while it lasts.

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  • jaison13
    Mar 31, 12:28 PM
    It may be fun for play, but I cant see anything real being done on that. Most high end photo editors wont even use a trackpad/laptop...

    Now if they can make it double as a wacom for a desktop and mirror the image form the computer.. now youre talking :)

    And from a user standpoint, having all menus buried and no keyboard shortcuts, you're expanding the time to edit drastically.

    do you own an ipad even? if you did you'd see that there are already some pretty serious apps that do a lot of the thing photoshop can do. also did you listen to the ma at all? this is a way to get work done where having a computer isn't so convenient. you need to do some research before making a a statement like i can't see anything real being done on that. the only difference between a wacom and ipad is pressure sensitivity. well that and price. a color wacom is more expensive and more focused to do one thing very well. below is a link to an artist who does most of their work on an ipad. check it out and tell me it's just a thing for fun!! if photoshop brings a serious app, a 2GB app it will be extremely useful. i'm a comic book illustrator just getting started on the ipad and i see great potential here. i'd like to see retina display mainly for better zoom in when drawing. but the ipad is way more than fun for play.

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  • bibbz
    Feb 20, 12:59 PM
    Anyone know how or have a link to how to do this.

    Yes im jailbroken and know how to shsh into my ipad. But from the looks of what i can find on google (not much) is that you have to be on 4.3.

    I'm sure there is a way to SHSH this into 4.2.1 i just cant find anything on it.

    Aug 1, 08:49 PM
    A pic of my current desktop.

    And a link to the original.

    Dec 1, 11:24 AM
    I'll go out on a limb here and say you are a fan of Marvel comic books.;)

    Not the biggest fan TBH but I have always been a fan of comic book art...

    ...indeed, busier than my normal wallpapers but the colors pop on my screen and it looks rad imo. :D

    Apr 27, 09:12 AM
    I like the idea about ePrint. May even go out and buy a compatible HP Printer. Can anyone tell me if using this service would cost me extra? I know that the printer would have its own email address, would that involve extra phone charges? Need information...thanks. :confused:

    Feb 3, 01:21 PM
    How do you change the colour of the finder bar? and what other apps are running on the finder bar?


    Hey. The finder bar can be changed by downloading the app CandyBar. They have a bunch of built in ones. Or, you can download DockDr for free and get some great ones too. Also, Im running my logitech keyboard profilier application, mail, twitter, chrome are the other ones running. :D

    May 3, 11:40 AM
    How difficult it it to be made a Bezel-less laptop, I mean really Bezel-less, no Bezel-less only 10mm bezel (which is still impressive). Can we expect them any time soon?

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