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    07-20 03:40 PM
    Belgian-born Diane Von Furstenberg was profiled yesterday in the New York Times as an example of a fashion designer who is actually doing well despite the economic downturn. Furstenberg has been a major figure in American fashion design for nearly four decades. Her designs are worn by famous women like Jessica Alba, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Von Furstenberg gave some common sense advice in the interview that is worth repeating: �It�s more important than ever to have confidence. Everyone else is insecure. If you start to take a little bit of everyone else�s insecurity � forget it.�

    More... (

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  • acecupid
    06-16 10:46 AM
    Great news... thanks for posting!

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  • kpchal2
    05-09 01:56 PM
    Other than name check are there any other stuff we should be aware of to get the green card.

    With this new 180 day rule can I get my GC even if my Namecheck is not complete in 180 days. Is so once my PD is current and my 485 application has crossed the processing times can i go ahead and demand (please note demand) my green card or should i just leave it to luck and keep waiting hoping i will get it soon. sorry for sounding so sorrowful but the process seems to be very happazard.

    any one with info please let meknow. thanks in advance

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  • Iak123
    06-02 11:18 PM
    Hi All,
    Now I have some questions regarding the process after getting Visa. I have read threads about airlines and medical insurance on this forum.

    I was wondering if someone can shed light on finally what is a good medical insurance to buy, my father is 65 and mom is 60 and both have health issues.

    Please let me know which insurance to buy which will cover their international travel plus stay in US

    Also, please let me know which airlines are good for parents. I am east coast. My parents will definitely need assistance and I am also looking for someway I can have some travel companion for them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks a ton.


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  • huggi
    03-18 10:44 AM
    I'm F1 right now, graduating in may. I'm not sure if i'm going to work or go to school after graduation. If I apply for OPT then get into school again as an F1 student, is my current F1 visa void (valid to 2012) ? Will I have to get a new F1 visa because I applied for OPT?

    Thanks in advance


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  • psk79
    07-19 09:14 PM
    Hi, I have been noticing on .com that even after the mess-ups in Aug 08 when similar visa bulletin came out and uscis approved lots of cases from 06 ignoring people from 04 and 05, they are not approving cases in pd order even now (well not like before but still bad). I mean how can they approve sep 05 cases before all 03/2005 cases are approved especially if they are all pre-adj and ready (atleast most are). Even though technically anyone until oct 1, 2005 is eligible for visa number, Shouldn't they go in order? This is very unfair given you don't know when they might run out of numbers and TSC is snail paced doing 3-6 approvals a day atmost while NSC is doing tons a day :) Any comments?


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  • nmuralidhar
    10-01 07:47 PM
    My application reached 13 July at NSC nothing got back. Anyone in this boat?

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  • lucas92
    05-01 02:51 PM
    I am bored. Yeah!


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  • indianabacklog
    06-20 08:13 AM
    guys who have already filed 485.

    Do u know if its possible to schedule an earlier fingerprinting date? can we just walk to a ASC with our appointment letter and get our fingerprinting done?
    I filed for AOS at the beginning of May and had fingerprints done one month later. How quickly do you want them done?

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  • sroyc
    06-28 01:08 PM
    My wife's I-539 got approved this month (H4 -> F1). My lawyer said that applying for AOS is not an issue as long as she does not travel outside the country while her AP is pending.


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  • SBAV
    05-24 07:48 AM
    I am traveling to India after long time. The airline reservation requires me to provide my green card number. Can anyone tell me what that is? Is it A# number?

    I tried entering the 9 digits of A# number on the airline website without a success, what is a right syntax?
    AXXX-XXX-XXX or XXXXXXXXX without using �-�

    I don�t want to submit wrong information.

    Also, is it possible to provide this information at Check-In and not to worry about it now?
    If anyone has done this before then let me know, any help is appreciated.

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  • godbless
    08-01 12:06 PM
    I called USCIS and checked about it. The officer said that she shoul dnot have applied online and made the payment. She should have sent paper application only. And that there was no need to pay any fee. He said that the amount once paid to USCIS can not be refunded back. Ridiculous.


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  • kunalmeh
    08-27 04:20 PM
    my wife is on H4 visa.... to work she would need H1...

    BUT I have heared that if she gets some research-work in any University / non-profit organisation, they do give special work permit immediatly unlike H1 where u have to wait till October... IS THIS TRUE?

    wht is this VISA called?

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  • acnvrk
    10-20 09:19 PM
    I helping my employer filling the I-129 B-1B Data collection supplement form. In Part C Question 8 Item 4:
    Is this the second or subsequent request for an extension of stay that you have filed for this alien?

    This application is an extension (for 3 years) for my H1-B. My position in the company is the same as that when applied for my previous (first) H1-B petition.

    I have NOT applied for green card/labor certification.

    Is the answer Yes or No for this question?



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  • samuel5028
    02-28 03:50 AM
    your father can apply for visitor visa, but there are no guarnatees she will be approved. Even if he is approved and comes to the USA, applying for adjustment of status would be a mistake (entering as tourist while in fact intending to immigrate) and could lead to permanent bar. If he applys and is approved, she can come to visit and return to home country thats the better option.

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  • sambhajisgayake
    12-14 10:10 AM

    I am currently in Dallas. For applying a duplicate passport, it is OK if i Mail my application through USPS express mail which provides acknowledment . Can anybody please tell me if there is any problem with this?



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  • same_old_guy
    10-10 02:48 AM
    Visa Bulletin November 2009 (

    All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA- mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIP-PINES

    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01APR05 22JAN05 C C
    3rd 01JUN02 01JUN02 22APR01 01JUN02 01JUN02
    Other Workers 01JUN01 01JUN01 22APR01 01JUN01 01JUN01
    4th C C C C C
    Certain Religious Workers U U U U U
    5th C C C C C
    Targeted Employ-ment Areas/ Regional Centers C C C C C
    5th Pilot Programs U U U U U

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  • anilkumar0902
    07-26 12:00 PM
    I have a few questions here.

    1. Does it really matter what date the 485 application was filed, if it was filed within the specified time-period ?
    I mean, will it matter if someone applied for 485 on July 30th or August 17th, other than trying for an EAD and AP earlier ?

    2. Is there a benefit of applying early in the timeframe, in getting an approved 485 ?

    Please respond at your convenience.

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  • Dipika
    04-27 10:19 AM
    I am EB3 - Dec 2004 filer and there is no hope for few years that my date get current. i have filed another GC through my sister in May 2006 and that F4 category is moving quicker and expecting my priority date will be current in 5 years through my sister.

    i have bought 2 Family house in Jersey City. now for my kids education we thought to move to India for 4 to 5 years until we get call for GC though my sister.
    we are going to rent house - it's multi family near NYC. my landloard is willing to take care of it in our absence.

    my Q is can i get B1 (Visitor visa) for 10 years , if we show that we have property in US and we may need to visit just to take check it ??
    should we inform immigration officer about GC filed though my sister to assure that we will not stay in US longer, to get B1 visa?
    can we get visitor visa before leaving USA? i mean convert from H1 to B1 for multi year?

    05-14 08:59 PM
    No, I have not moved to different state. I am in the same state since the day I filed my labor.

    03-02 03:18 PM
    I have applied for my I140 under EB2, I have a question regarding a gab between my employments. I worked for a company A from Dec 2005 to Feb 2007 and then I switched employers, and I was between projects. The next company I started working for gave me an offer letter only when I found a project (May 2007). So technically there is a 2 month gap. Even the experience letters from that company says I have started work from May 2007.
    I'm not sure if this will cause a problem in my I140 stage. Kindly advice.

    I have changed two companies after that and I'm filing my GC through the current company. Any response will be much appreciated.

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