Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • ragz4u
    01-27 01:55 PM
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  • sab
    07-27 09:46 AM
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  • jcgamboa
    04-30 11:32 AM
    Hi guys,
    I got as well the unlucky audit like almost 80% of the people filing for a PERM.
    My L1 visa is expiring on May 14th and the PERM audit reply was on Jan 28th and based on the current cases pending, I will hearing back from Atlanta sometimes between July-August.
    I also applied for the H1-B and get approved but it is starting on Oct-1st,2008
    1.- Can I stay "out-of-status" based on the INA 245 that "allow us to stay up to 180 days because change of status in process"?
    2.- This changes of status process is valid only when you file the I-485 or for anyone already starting GC process like PERM in process?
    3.- If I need to come back to my country and get the H1-B stamped, Do I loose the current PERM even if it get aproved or can I use the same PERM once aproved and apply for I-140/I-1485 concurrently (because EB-2 category) no matter I 'll have a different Visa H1-B instead of L1-B stated in the PERM?
    Thanks for your soon reply.

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  • sreedhar_ch
    09-28 06:46 PM
    Hi immi_enthu,

    Thank you very much, i have found the answer.


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  • pjalan
    04-03 11:20 PM
    how is travel and job change related to eb2 movement.

    Even if you were current what is the guarantee to that you will get your GC soon.

    Rely on AC21 for job change and AP/H1B for travel.

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  • r1r1r1
    06-09 05:34 PM

    I just want to know where is my "H1B Visa Extension Application" needs to apply by my employer.
    Following are the details,
    1. My Employer located in Virginia.
    2. My current work location is Minnesota (and applying the H1extension with this Client's letter).
    3. This is my second extension; i.e First H1b is for 2 years; and second H1b(i.e extension) for 3 years . all(5years) with the same employer.
    4. I have approved I-140 also.

    So 1) which will be the Service Center of mine to apply my H1B Extension
    2) I heard Approved I-140 will be an advantage for a 3 year H1 extension application, but do this really matter if I have 3 months Purchase order or Contract with the client.

    Please let me know.


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  • visausa
    08-09 08:54 PM

    I would like to know is it safe for person on H1b working at client place, to sponsor USA visitor visa for parents.

    Recently I heard it's difficult to renter a person with H1b visas into USA.

    Kindly guide me.


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  • vijay1974
    03-10 08:48 AM
    I work in webster,ny office. I can help you with information you need.


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  • ajcates
    11-02 12:14 PM
    mcdonalds? I surely was expecting an apple logo…

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  • number30
    08-29 05:05 PM
    Hi Friends,

    My wife is going to apply for H4 Visa soon in India.

    Do I need to send her I-134 Affidavit of Support.

    I have heard conflicting opinions.

    Pls let me know.

    Thxs in advance. Rgs S

    No you do not need that.


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  • RahSaj
    09-21 08:47 AM
    My 485 is currently pending from current employer.Getting a new offer from the client for full time job. My labor certification wage is very high around 95k(no benefits) and the new offer is for 80k with benefits. Doing the math the new offer is lucrative. With Current employer paying $1100/month for insurance and with zero vacation time.

    Is it recommended to use AC21 and take the new offer even though the salary is less than 15k from labor certification wage. The Job responsibilities are similar.

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  • indyanguy
    09-03 12:07 AM
    Theoretically, it's possible. However, if there is a Ability 2 Pay issue during 485 adjudication, would you be able to take care of it?


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    11-05 08:40 AM
    One of the most reliable pundits when it comes to the math side of politics is the New York Times blogger Nate Silver. He actually comes from a sports background and was known as a master of sports statistics. I've been reading his five thirty-eight blog for the last couple of years and he's usually right on the mark. Nate has done some number crunching to verify claims that Latinos were undercounted in the polls and gave Democrats the margins needed to win in states where they have the largest populations. His finding? Indeed, the NCLR polling I wrote about...

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  • Chiwere
    10-29 01:17 PM


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    05-25 01:30 PM
    President Barack Obama will gather congressional leaders at the White House next month to launch a policy discussion on immigration, according to an administration official, but legislative action isn't likely until next year at the earliest. he June 8 meeting is meant to show the White House is moving on the issue -- which is key for Hispanic advocacy groups that helped Mr. Obama get elected in November.

    Mr. Obama has embraced the general concept of creating a program to provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the U.S., while continuing to tighten the border with Mexico.

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  • sreeanne
    11-26 08:52 PM
    Can H4 visa people start a company in US?

    i.e company will be registered in their name.

    Please throw some light on this.

    Thanks in advance


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  • 485_trouble
    07-27 06:40 PM
    Here is my case details

    In US from Feb 2000 - till date
    PD :Aug 2002
    I140 approved on Aug 2004 (no rfe)
    I485 rcpt :sep 2005 pending for approval...

    worked with Company A and 2002,2003 w2's are way too low 9k and 25k. Went to home country for vacation 3 times on 2004, 2005.
    my 2000,2001, 2004,2005,2006 till looks okie.. I dont have any other overstay or other issue.

    Applied I485 on
    2005. I guess my attorney filed my 2003 w2 with my i485 petion.
    I chaged from company A to company B on 2005

    Will im in trouble? UN or somebody can please help?

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  • ksairi
    07-25 10:39 AM
    If any body got receipts for July applied 485! - Or any rejections !?.

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  • serg
    07-20 04:38 PM
    Is there a web site to check I-140 and I485 status??.

    07-26 10:43 AM
    I applied for I485 like many others in July. I just heard my group may be spun off from its parent company and might be funded by VCs. Does this mean I cannot use my LC/I140? If/When I get my EAD will it be valid?
    All ye learned people thanks in advance...

    No big deal....It does not affect you as long as your job is still same. The new company will take over your labour and I140 and you should be fine

    08-06 11:44 AM
    may be the third USCIS FAQ answers this question. when is it coming ??

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