Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Renfred93
    Feb 3, 05:26 PM
    Hi, right now I'm working on a project in logic and in is there is a piano part that I recorded via midi with various chord progressions. I will be working with this live and I want to print the piano part as a score to refer to the chords, so to identify them quickly I want to have the simple popular chord name (Ab m) above the chords on the sheet music. I can enter the chords manually using the text editor in the part box, but that would be long and tedious...since logic already identifies chords with incoming midi, is there any way for it to automatically name them?

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 20, 01:25 PM
    <p style="float:right; padding-left:1em;"><img src=""></p><a href=""><i>Dow Jones Newswires</i> reports</a> on claims from Japanese newspaper <i>Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun</i> that Apple has committed to invest in a Toshiba factory for iPhone LCD production, a report that also claims that Apple has abandoned a similar deal with Sharp for the displays.<p class="quote">The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun reported that Apple now plans to invest only in Toshiba's new LCD panel plant currently under construction in Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan.<br />
    <br />
    The report said that Sharp was no longer a candidate for Apple's investment.</p>The article notes that Sharp has issued a statement refuting the claim, reporting that the statement "contradicts the facts". Sharp even went so far as to issue an <a href="">official press release</a> denying the claim urging the newspaper to withdraw the report and issue an apology.<br />
    <br />
    Last December, reports appeared just days apart claiming that Apple was planning to invest alongside both <a href="">Toshiba</a> and <a href="">Sharp</a> for iPhone LCD plants, with each facility said to cost up to $1.2 billion.

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  • chrissmash
    Jul 5, 05:24 AM
    Hey yeah I may do that! Have they unveiled yet what the plan in the UK is? Last I heard we got to buy ours and set it up again using iTunes.

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  • SeniorGato1
    Apr 28, 07:07 AM
    Why buy a 3G iPhone, when there are 4G phones available ?


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  • Lord Blackadder
    May 5, 02:11 AM
    I want retribution, so do most americans.

    We have a right to defend ourselves. But revenge is not self-defense. We had a right to pursue bin Laden in order to bring him to justice, but the way we went about doing it reaped a sickening harvest of death, destruction and loss of international credibility all out of proportion to even bin Laden's value as a target. Al Qaeda was designed to function without a head, and bin Laden was a willing martyr. Some retribution.

    The real reason for the celebrations over his death is a perceived saving of face and rationalization of all the money and human flesh expended in the effort. You can take bin Laden's corpse; I'll take the trillion plus dollars and ten thousand American (and unnumbered Iraq/Afghan etc.) lives back, given the choice.

    As for enhanced interrogation, go for it. Skunk, i know you want the best for the world and im sure you're good intentioned, but many of your views are simply unrealistic. The world isn't that rosey.

    Still too squeamish to call it torture? The fundamental difference between terrorist organizations and authoritarian regimes on the one hand, and the civilized world on the other, is the latter's unwillingness to have recourse to violence. Policies of torture are unbecoming of a nation of people who purport to uphold the US constitution, regardless of the extreme methods adopted by our enemies. Once we sink to their level, we lose all our moral superiority and become victims of our own hate and fear as much as victims of the machinations of our opponents.

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  • pmz
    Apr 25, 10:14 AM
    Releasing this now is the dumbest thing Apple has ever done.


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  • richters
    Jan 10, 04:52 AM
    It is crying FOUL......



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  • Dbrown
    Apr 22, 10:58 PM
    Remote Desktop Server

    That's just off the top of my head.

    Those are just arbitrary incompatibilities.

    Hardware limitations. If your computer doesn't have a Wacom pad attached, you can't run software that requires that piece of hardware. It doesn't mean you're running a different OS.

    You can still run the software. You just cant do certain things. An ipad specific app can never work on an ipod touch

    And do you really think OS are infinitely backward-compatible? Good luck with that... Of course I dont think that.


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  • liamkp
    Jun 21, 08:59 PM

    Vaja if you can afford it-theyre ridiculous.

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  • alent1234
    Apr 6, 12:00 PM
    Not much really when you stop and think about. You can get 12TB of storage on Newegg (let's say 4000 3TB drives) for a couple hundred grand. Of course Apple is buying more than just drives.

    obviously you have never shopped for Enterprise storage for a SAN

    back when 2TB drives were $300 or so we bought some 500GB drives from EMC for $800 each plus or minus some $$$.


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  • longofest
    Nov 20, 12:32 PM
    just to clear something up. This right now appears to be a text-based phone. I don't think Wu is talking about iChat AV functionality. Some other sites (of much, much less accuracy) have been claiming that the iPhone would be able to do videoconferencing and whatnot, but currently there isn't any good evidence to support this, and in my opinion it doesn't look like current 3G GSM cellular networks simply don't have the duplex bandwidth to deliver that kind of content. (and 4G is still a ways off)

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  • Stella
    Apr 4, 12:39 PM
    Do you have any proof that FT actually does sell email addresses?

    Just because businesses wants your email doesn't equate to they'll sell your details...


    Than why else do they want them? FT references their "business model" needing this "relationship". As other have said, I want their content NOT a relationship.

    That is NOT a reason to assume they do sell information. Probably marketing reasons.

    Apple wants people to give personal information ( address, phone number etc ) to sign up for the various *free* developer programs ( i.e., Safari Developer ).. that isn't an indication that Apple are going to sell your information... However, according to your response.. Apple will sell this information... ( which of course, they will not ).


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  • rdowns
    Mar 24, 12:37 PM
    rdowns - let me give a +1 on your comment. Our MR forums community is getting more and more clogged up with this mindless babble / garbage. It really detracts from the value of the forums.

    Thank you.

    There is more misinformation and lies posted here than ever before. And way too many people believe anything they see "published on the Internet".

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  • Thomasba58
    Apr 30, 05:41 AM
    Check out the first sticky on the first page of this board and you will find all you need to know there


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  • iApache
    Oct 3, 09:54 PM

    Wallpaper please?

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  • macboiest
    Mar 15, 12:21 AM
    Well the news is out that Comex jailbroke an iPad 2 from 2,500 miles away from the device. Some tweaks and apps, well did not work. Also, Comex said that JailbreakMe should be available on the web not later then this week, if not early next week. So who is excited? I am.


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  • bmservice
    Apr 27, 04:22 AM
    Peel that can change a itouch into a mobile phone

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  • wagnerplace
    Sep 26, 10:09 PM
    Now if they would only support domain name hosting.

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    Aug 15, 01:22 AM

    May 2, 04:34 PM
    In the Terminal, type:

    defaults write WebKitShowsURLsInToolTips 0

    Then press Enter. You will need to restart Safari for the change to take place.

    Dec 28, 10:01 PM
    Quite an... urm... interesting forum...why does it look like a lot of posts are just copy overs from MR? :p

    yeah i was bored so i was testing out some scripts to test my server. i don't use that forum except for keeping track of stuff now, like folding. but that's not the point of this thread.

    Apr 25, 12:02 AM
    by seeing the results of the poll, we can see that majority of voters won't buy the new iPhone 4 in white. It is based on around 3200 votes.

    I am not an expert analyst or anything like that, but let me say this now, when the white iPhone 4 launches on April 27th, it is going to be chaos and out of stock because there are TONS of demands of this phone I dont know why. Same thing goes with the iPad 1 and the white iPad 2, people are saying that iPad 1 was just a bigger iPod touch, and the white iPad 2 was ugly and terrible-looking. But see now, TONS of people decided to choose white iPad 2 instead of the black one.

    Typical Apple fan. They vote no, and when they finally see in person, they can't resist to buy one even if they have a black iPhone 4.

    For me personally, I have the original iPhone 4 in black that I bought back in June last year and I am looking to upgrade to the white iPhone 4 and sell the black one.

    Just an opinion though

    Apr 21, 04:50 AM
    Well, more like 175K sold... another 175K given away free. :D

    They are all still sold. The phone manufacturer doesn't give them away free.

    Apr 6, 12:44 PM
    I wish I could have just 1/10000 of that right about now!

    12pb. That's an awful lot. I hope we start hearing some solid details on this service soon.

    Are Apple only going to have 1 data center? Google seem to have 30-40.
    Seems a bit silly to have a single point of success in this day and age.

    Pity those who live a long way from the server, ouch! I notice a difference when I switch content providers from Manchester to London (I'm based in Manchester) on Steam. I don't think this data centre is for use outside the US...

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