Wednesday, June 1, 2011

lion tattoos

lion tattoos. lions tattoo
  • lions tattoo

  • martinX
    Apr 21, 07:26 AM
    What version do you have? Get Info on Final Cut Express, take a screenshot of that window and post it.

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  • Nature Animal Lion Tattoos

  • Eithanius
    Sep 3, 01:12 PM
    Is this ( it?

    Patterns are consistent, minus the overall gradient spotlight. And it's insufficient to fit 1920x1200 screen...

    Thanks by the way... ;)

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  • Animal Tattoos Lion Head On

  • WildCowboy
    Jan 14, 06:32 PM
    Apple has nothing to do with this (

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  • Order of the Lion tattoo

  • kretzy
    Dec 23, 06:42 AM
    That's great!...a summary of Windows in one little avartar!:p


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  • bigrobb
    Aug 15, 02:58 PM
    already changed mine

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  • Nature Animal Lion Tattoos

  • Consultant
    Feb 21, 04:26 PM
    Most radio stations have streams that you can add yourself to iTunes.

    Otherwise try


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  • Lion Tattoos

  • jeremyb66
    Apr 4, 12:49 PM
    This shows that if the ATT and T-mobile deal is bad for the people.

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  • Lion Tattoo Designs For Men.

  • Renshawboy
    Feb 19, 08:22 PM
    Hi. (


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  • bobbytomorow
    Aug 2, 01:05 AM
    click for larger (

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  • ciTiger
    Apr 25, 07:34 AM
    10 months later I really think people should wait a couple of months and buy the iPhone 5 in white... Maybe the improvements aren't big but it still is a new gen...


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  • Doctor Q
    Feb 14, 02:14 PM
    Actually, there is a position below Mod mini that all MacRumors members have: "MacRumors Bad Post Reporter".

    One of the reasons our forums stay enjoyable for so many members is because of the members who let us know when there is a problem that needs attention, from spam to threads mistakenly posted in the wrong forum. This makes it easier for us than if they point out the problems by posting in the thread, but it means that they don't get any personal credit for spotting the problem.

    I learned this the hard way, before I was a moderator. I would post about something I saw that was wrong, and a moderator would fix the problem and delete my post. It didn't take me long to figure out I was making their job more time consuming!

    We all benefit from members who help the site by reporting the posts that we need to know about. Thank you, MacRumors Bad Post Reporters.

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  • Drag'nGT
    Apr 28, 10:12 AM
    When you take forever to get the phone on VZW you should expect people to take their time switching.
    First, you've let Android have all that time to get a following because it's the only alternative for the lack of an iPhone. Those people have also bought apps that they now enjoy and would have to re-purchase on the iPhone. This happens with video game systems as well.
    Second, people are in 2yr contracts. There are very few people who are willing to pay more for a phone they can buy 4 months later at half price on top of the termination fee.
    Third, not that many people hate AT&T it's just the handful of VZW fans that make it look that way.
    And finally you have the reporting and reviews. All the reports I saw were telling VZW people and potential switchers to hold off on getting the iPhone 4. No 4G, no white and still had the questionable signal issues. The "iPhone 5" was supposed to come out mid to late summer so people were concerned Apple would sell them a phone and then jump up 6 months later with the newer, thiner, better version and leave folks hanging.

    People are paying attention to these reports and that's why I feel the numbers were low.


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  • iMeowbot
    Nov 29, 12:16 PM
    Currently, Apple's usage rights allow downloadable content to be played on an unlimited number of iPods ( as well as up to 5 computers, although DVD burning is limited to archiving purposes only (DVD-Video burning is not supported).

    There's unlimited, and there's unlimited. An iPod can only handle protected tracks or movies from five iTunes accounts at a time. That, plus the restrictions on who can load the stuff onto the iPod in the first place, make iTS downloads a lot less attractive than DVD rips for someone looking to get a free ride. The studios don't seem to understand that there is already a pretty comfortable environment set up for them.

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  • iJawn108
    Sep 26, 09:30 PM
    maybe this means merom MBP's tomorrow? :confused: ;)
    Notice the N keyboard shortcut?

    that's a clean indication of new MBPs next tuesday. :p


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  • iztech
    May 4, 06:13 PM
    I tried flashing a 5770 via usb dos boot, message was fine. but on reboot, black screen.

    So I flashed back with the original rom using an nvidia gfx to boot in - still black screen

    this is what i used - atiflash -fa -fm -fs -fp -p 0 original.rom

    Any suggestions on getting my card back or is it bricked?

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  • rlobo
    Apr 21, 11:55 AM
    I'm very proud of announce my newest iOS game - Star Wings.



    Star Wings is an interstellar arcade game where you explore the universe controlling a spaceship, facing beautiful planets and dealing with gravity fields, asteroids, black holes, white holes, space mines, enemy turrets and a lot of physics-based elements that transform each of the 36 missions in an unique and unforgettable adventure.

    The spaceship is smoothly controlled by touching the screen where you wants to go, allowing you to pass through checkpoints, fly around planets and collect stars in your way.

    But the space is full of hazards! The enemy force intend to conquer the entire universe and you must be prepared to confront enemy turrets and avoid space mines. Also, asteroids and black holes can be very trick to deal with. If the spaceship crashes into an object the mission fails.

    Be careful on controlling the ship, use the gravity in your favor and avoid be out of fuel. Good luck and become an ace of space!

    - 36 challenging missions across 4 chapters.
    - Addictive, exciting play for both novice and advanced gamers.
    - Physics-based elements such as planets, asteroids, black holes, white roles and other celestial bodies that have their own gravitational field.
    - Hazards like space mines and enemy turrets.
    - Collectable items such as stars and fuel refills.
    - Final mission score rely on several factors: number of checkpoints reached, stars collected, enemies killed and remaining fuel.
    - Awarded bronze, silver and gold medals based on mission final score.
    - Retina display graphics.
    - Supports leaderboards with Game Center.

    PS. The iPad version will be available in the next few days.



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  • parapup
    Apr 27, 04:45 PM
    As someone who has to track down things like this constantly, I'm pretty unimpressed at the (lack of) speed of their code checking. This was not an obscure bug or complicated. It was just a too-large buffer definition and an execution path that always downloaded info.

    And people think Apple can check binary app store submissions for bugs or trojans in just a few minutes, when they can't even find their own bugs in a few days with commented source code.

    Try enabling Certificate Revocation checking on your fully updated Mac OS X install and see how long it takes for Mac App Store to show up and how long it then takes to go through the various tabs.

    Also for fun - try enabling password for the screensaver and 60 minute idle logout. Then put your laptop to sleep and come back 60 min later only to have hung login window that accepts no input - works that way every time for me.

    For all the jabs they took at Windows - Apple's is most untested OS after Linux distros. Looks like they only do surface tests - only the defaults are covered.

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  • Eye4Desyn
    Mar 25, 12:03 PM
    I just hope there is some mention of this at next month's rumored iOS 5 developer media event. I've wondered off and on how :apple: would distinguish and bring their own mapping application to iOS devices (and possibly Macs) apart from Google Maps. Graphically and for overall user experience, I much prefer Google Maps over Bing Maps, MapQuest, and the like. Just hope :apple: will bring something stronger and more robust than Mountain View.

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  • Lion Tattoo Designs amp; Meanings

  • SL4VE
    Mar 26, 08:38 PM
    to be honest of your stupid enough to bid for this, props to the seller for making his money.

    there really is no excuse for paying for something over a certain amount without reading the description

    Full of Win
    Apr 28, 11:07 PM
    Which Apple product uses a trace of stylus???

    The concept for an Apple phone/computer from 1983.

    May 5, 06:09 PM
    Can anyone tell me why the Apple TV is not shown in the buyers guide section? It should be in there!

    Mar 2, 12:06 PM
    According to data on your first chart I'd say that corporate income tax revenues need to increase dramatically. Corporate income taxes only represent 9%(191 billion) of revenue yet individual income tax represents 41% (899 billion). Combine that with all the bailouts the government handed out to the banks and some corporations and I'm guessing the net rate might be close to 0%.

    I'm not saying individual taxpayers won't have to sacrifice in order to solve the problem, but I'm not sure why there are those that argue that no matter how many tax breaks corporations get or even government bailouts---that's its always the individual who has to pay.

    It's a policy based on greed straight from the richest people and companies in this country.

    Two things... first, higher taxes does not = higher government 'revenue.'

    Second off, corporate taxes are actually just taxes on consumers of their products. Companies simply pass these taxes along to their customers in the form of increased cost in the good or service they sell. There's no such thing as a corporate tax... it's just a disguised sales tax on consumers.

    Social Security is fully funded to 2037, will run a surplus at that point and is separate from the budget. The ACA is fully designed to lower health care costs and lower the deficit, something which the right consistently ignores.

    If the US were screwed, you wouldn't have countries queuing up to lend you money. Stop cutting taxes on the wealthy and pursuing unfunded wars for a start.

    The biggest problem I see with SS is that it's an unsustainable Ponzi Scheme which requires constant growth in population in order to sustain costs incurred by smaller and smaller groups of people.

    Feb 9, 01:21 PM
    Why is a calling feature tied to a messaging one?

    Silly.... Messaging and Voice Calling go together just like .... Vodka and Prune Juice! :D

    Apr 13, 10:10 AM
    If the iPhone 5 is delayed as much as some suppliers are speculating ( in to next year ), the bright spot would be that the iPhone 4 price would likely get slashed to keep sales going. I'd still ride it out with my 3Gs though...unless I gave in to the temptation to try another platform.

    i was tempted to try apple for a year, and me poking my nose around this area of the forum trying to see when the next one drops. Sucks that if they do delay this one i wont be trying them out this year. I would love to do such a thing so each year i can bounce back and forth from android to ios to windows 7 give them all time to keep improving.

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