Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • McBeats
    Oct 13, 07:15 AM
    the google maps tweets is AWESOME

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  • StealthRider
    Dec 5, 07:56 PM
    Wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but I'm working on a website with a friend and we need good Photoshop artists to submit their work for display on our site, and we need lots of forum members and a couple of moderators. The site is; if you want to be a forum mod there please email me: There's not too much to do as of yet, and the site isn't totally finished, but I thought I'd start spreading the word.

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  • katie ta achoo
    Sep 24, 05:35 PM
    Even though you're legally an adult, you're still living at home. Mom and dad are paying for you to live there.

    If they're cool with it, groovy; if they aren't, don't push it.

    Wait until you're out of the house to go crazy go nuts.

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  • usclaneyj
    Jan 13, 08:26 AM
    Good to know! I have a few of their albums but haven't listened in a while. Will have to check out the new stuff.


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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Apr 1, 06:57 AM (
    Wallpaper (

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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Sep 2, 01:43 AM
    Pretty sure this one was posted last month. I have no idea what the link for the original is so I'll attach it.


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  • acearchie
    Mar 19, 11:17 AM
    Is there any way I can use my Powerbook as a monitor for my PS2?

    I am looking for the cheapest option and already know about elgatos diversity or hybrid usb stick that does it! But that is almost �100! but if there is nothing else I will have to go with it!!!!!!


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  • bearcatrp
    Mar 11, 12:30 AM

    Both of these places have great info on video editing. Enjoy!


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  • gatepc
    Jan 1, 10:00 PM
    If he is running on the Macbook Pro, Bigadvs wont work.

    Is this the Macbook Pro we are talking about? Also, what folding client are you using? The system preferences pane? How often do you close the lid, put it to sleep, or shut it down?

    It is a MacBook Pro i7 it stays on 24/7 and always sits on my desk I rarely transport it anywhere. So leaving the application running won't be a problem

    and yes I am using the system preference pane

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  • alph45
    Mar 25, 01:15 PM
    i would try the osx forum or hardware forum.


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  • PhelpsiPhan
    Oct 20, 10:43 AM
    Hey guys, i just past 250 posts and do not know where to find the Market place, can anyone help me out?


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  • dustinsc
    Apr 6, 12:03 PM
    Mmm....12 pita bites sounds delicious.


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  • mrzeve
    Sep 25, 12:29 PM

    I was thirty and I bought over my now "husband" to my folks house and we slept in the same room. No sex, mind you, we were respectful of their home, but they did, of couse freak out after we left.


    Wait what...oh....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Anyway, my parents are pretty cool about letting me bring girls over. Bount chicka bount.

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  • buseman
    Jul 13, 11:15 AM
    Sofa Rockers by Kr�der & Dorfmeister.

    Its on the "K&D Sessions" double album.


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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 7, 03:04 PM
    Revenue for AT&T in the 4th Q of last year was $30+ billion. Excuse me if I have trouble believing that AT&T is looking to help their costs with a $50 increase.
    Looks like somebody doesn't know how to read an annual report.
    AT&T (the whole company) generated $31.36 billion in revenue for ALL of 2010.
    (2010 Q4 total revenue (wireless and wireline) was $9.6 billion, with $6.6 billion of that allocated to capital expenses.)

    Of the $31.36 billion earned in $15.18 billion came from the wireless unit.
    The rest was from wireline (U-Verse) services.

    Out of that $31.36 billion, AT&T had $20.3 billion in capital expenses.
    That leaves just a hair over $10 billion for upgrades and any new R&D.
    Their LTE roll out is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $19 billion dollars.

    So yeah... they need the money to expand while remaining profitable.
    The question is, who is willing to pay it?
    My guess is most will and AT&T knows it.

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  • Siggen
    Apr 17, 10:10 AM
    Veencey but its slow


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  • rprebel
    Oct 29, 12:54 PM

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  • Max on Macs
    Oct 5, 05:18 PM
    Why do you need to disable something you don't want to use? Can't you just not use it?

    Are you afraid you might accidentally change your mind someday and need to prevent yourself from doing this in the future?

    Also, many BBS's that I use offer me the chance to change the text-reply field size in my personal preferences. The window can be any size and the page looks just fine. Pretty much ANY text entry field has to be built into a page in such a way that changing the size just pushes things below it lower, just in case a browser draws it larger than planned. I can't think of any sites that don't work that way. This box I'm using on Macrumors right now follows that rule. If I were to drag it large nothing would "break." The stuff below it would just move down.

    Can you give any examples of a page that fails this test? I can't think of any offhand.
    I think he's talking about making it so people who use the web pages he designs can't resize the textareas (supposedly ruining his designs). IMHO this is a non-issue since when the user first sees the page they will se it as it should be, if they want to make a textarea bigger so they can type in it comfortably then it's their own choice.

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 15, 11:00 AM
    great reflections! Stitched I assume?

    Mar 31, 09:57 AM (

    As covered by Photography Bay (, Adobe yesterday used its keynote address at Photoshop World 2011 to briefly show off a new concept for a Photoshop app for iPad offering support for layers, a significant leap beyond the capabilities found in the company's current Photoshop Express ( app.

    Photography Bay has also posted a brief video ( of the demo showing how layers can be used on the iPad.

    The functionality remains a demo concept with no word on when or if it will make it to a public launch, but Adobe has openly acknowledged ( that it is looking at ways to support more complex Photoshop functionalities on tablets such as the iPad, and has even shown off concepts ( for how some of those tools might be implemented.

    Article Link: Adobe Shows Off Photoshop for iPad With Layer Support (

    Nov 11, 09:52 AM
    With that short reply Dustyn is now armed with all of the information he needs to make a long-term purchasing decision at his post production facility.

    The tag line "Sent from my iPad" contains more information than the reply itself.


    Montie Da Champ
    Jun 28, 04:48 PM
    I have an 8gb iPhone...

    What do you have?

    Apr 25, 05:31 AM
    Does "I have no desire for a smartphone" go under "already have other phone" or under "undecided/other"?

    You are in the very vocal minority.

    Sep 24, 03:39 PM
    i would let him, especially if the girl's parents are okay with it. just make sure its safe sex

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