Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • EssentialParado
    Jan 9, 04:57 PM
    Thanks for posting the link guys. Can't believe it isn't posted on the main macrumor page yet. But what I CANNOT believe is that Apple spoiled it themselves!! AR%GH.

    Please, whoever adds the link to the event, DIRECT link to the event page, DO NOT go to /appleevents/

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Jan 9, 03:30 PM
    It usually appears between 10pm and 1030pm in the UK. You have (hopefully)at most an hours wait.


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  • Baadshah
    Apr 16, 09:29 AM
    I think this is original case of the forthcoming iphone, if you guys look at all apple products, they all are aluminum. And i strongly believe that the new iphone will also be aluminum. This one looks sexy.........

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  • twoodcc
    Jul 30, 08:26 PM
    you got any mac machines in there?? christ, 3 computers - im happy with the one for now!

    yes i have macs, but i don't fold with any of them. my mac pro is too old to fold with. but i am eying those new mac pros though


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  • JohnMacnMiami
    Jan 15, 01:23 PM
    Apparently the market was not excited about it.
    Down $30+ a share since early Jan.
    Oh well, 6 years until I retire, I'll hope to see it bounce back (heh heh)

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  • dgree03
    May 3, 04:00 PM
    They are offering you more bandwidth to use a higher bandwidth service like tethering.

    The consideration is very clear. Thanks for quoting the premise for contract law, but claiming there is no consideration there is ridiculous.

    People who tether use more bandwidth, so the cost associated with their usage is more expensive. The carriers can either charge those people for tethering or they can raise the price for EVERYONE.

    They choose to charge the people who tether. It is a perfectly reasonable choice on their part.

    Hey a cable line comes into my house with all the channels on it. I can just jimmy off a filter and get all the channels without paying any more. They are already delivering it to my house, why can't I just get all of them since they are there anyways and I am paying for cable right?

    You are not paying for tethering unless you are paying for tethering. The math is simple. People who tether use more bandwidth. Wireless providers set their data prices based on AVERAGE usage. Tethering makes the average usage go up, so the revenue to cover those costs has to come from somewhere.

    So they can either charge EVERYONE more or charge the people who tether more.. Again they choose the later.

    Are you seriously defending charging for tethering!? What do you mean MORE bandwidth?

    I am paying for a 25 dollar 2gb plan for my phone. 2gb, is 2gb, is 2gb. If I tether it DOES NOT MATTER MY BANDWIDTH, once i use up 2gb i pay overages. It is that simple... I dont have to tether to use 2gb.

    Your cable example is weak. On cable you are paying for the content on that line. On your data plan there is no content to pay for.. it is just straight internet.

    A better cable example would be a cable company charging you monthly to extend your cable to each seperate room.


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  • twoodcc
    Aug 11, 09:59 PM
    fair call, added power, costs, fuss etcetc. not worth it i guess

    i think it might be worth it on some systems, but not this one. this one has had a rough life

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  • silentnite
    Apr 27, 09:26 AM
    Iphones small display has always been one of the cons to owning such a nice phone. Ipod touch as well benefit from a bigger display.


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  • gauchogolfer
    Sep 25, 11:39 AM
    I'm pretty happy that my 15" Powerbook is officially supported to run Aperture now. They must have reduced the system requirements, which might bode well for those of you with faster machines in terms of program performance and speed.


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  • miles01110
    Sep 12, 08:23 AM
    Is there going ot be an IRC feed like WWDC? If so what is the channel/port? Sorry to ask here, but I couldn't find the info on the main page...


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  • Cyclotrode
    Apr 8, 01:20 PM
    I wonder what the special promotion is.

    I'm guessing that it's probably for an upcoming Reward Zone Member shopping event that they hold every so often. They usually do those events on Sundays after normal store hours.

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  • TheAshMan
    Jul 22, 04:45 PM
    What real issues?

    Apple are selling iPhones as fast as they can make them.

    Aside from a tiny minority on the internet, the avg. joe is out there enjoying and using their new iPhone. If it was a big issue as the media portrayed it, Apple wouldn't be selling a single unit.

    You people are funny.

    I'm not really sure how to respond if you don't know what the issues are. My main point was the videos are dishonest and Apple has damaged themselves with their response. You disagree?

    I agree it is a great phone and that everyone loves it as long as they have good coverage. I don't have the new one, but I have marginal AT&T coverage with my current iPhone. If I had just spent over $2,200 (phone + plan) and lost calls, I would not be happy. I think the response to give away the bumpers and reminding people that they can return them was a good, concrete response so far, but these propaganda videos are laughable and may come back to bite them.

    No issue? It was being demonstrated that in marginal signal areas you could have 5 bars and then lose a call if your finger was in the wrong place. Apple immediately realized how bad that was for their brand released a patch that dramatically alters the signal bar on the phone, making them more accurate. They have 18 PhD's working on the antenna technology and they were "shocked"? Please. They knew exactly how their previous calculation distorted reality.

    This issue brought it to the forefront. I have seen claims that many phone makers do the same thing, but how come my AT&T Blackberry Bold from work gets 2-3 bars at my house, but the iPhone gets 5? Apple knew it was enough of an issue to call a major press conference, where they discussed and obfuscated the issues.

    Most people would use a case anyway, negating the issue for them, but that isn't the point.


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  • jinxednuance
    Mar 10, 12:21 AM
    No the world is not run by Apple; and despite some folks claims Apple I don't think wants to be the next Microsoft either.... it does want to own a comfortable niche however...

    Niche? Really? So all the iPhones and iPads sold around the world and they're still niche? What's that niche called? the whole market?!

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  • ZLurker
    Sep 12, 07:29 AM
    I'm in Washington D.C. (8:24am EST) and just tried going into iTMS and there's a black page, with white text, announcing "It's Showtime. The iTunes Store is being updated." Here come the movies!
    i just tried the same with the swedish store, and its down :)
    maby this will be a world event afterall!!


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  • l3lack J4ck
    Nov 25, 01:51 AM
    i know this isnt about the black friday news but...does apple honor tax free businesses? my dad owns a tax free business so if i brought him w/ me and he had a paper htat signified he was tax free...would i get the educational and tax free?

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  • twoodcc
    Jul 13, 10:02 PM
    farout man, thats BS. is it ADSL?

    it's cable internet. the company is mediacom. it's the only cable company out here. but i guess i might have to go dsl if they don't fix it


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  • Mad Mac Maniac
    Apr 5, 08:46 PM
    Thanks Dejo...

    I may download this app as I've still not encountered an iAd, and it's on the bucket list. ;)

    I can assure you all I'm not an idiot or moron.


    MOR- oh nevermind. :p actually I downloaded it long ago! haha. Just for kicks. It's pretty well made. And I remember when iAds first came out I was actually wanting something like this because I actually did want to see all the different ones. They are moderately entertaining and if the product interests you it can be informative.

    That being said I'll probably delete it like tomorrow...

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  • paradox00
    Apr 26, 11:52 AM
    Oh please don't be so smart. What you say means to lose the pixel density of Retina Display. Would you want that?

    Jobs indicated that the "magic number" for a retina display was around 300 dpi. A 640x960 3.7" display would still be greater than 300 dpi, so they'd likely still use the marketing term and we, the users, likely wouldn't notice the difference.

    A slight reduction in pixel density doesn't mean the display suddenly becomes garbage.

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  • JohnnyQuest
    Mar 17, 01:43 PM
    ... and we all know that there's nothing ethically questionable about stealing from morons, right?


    Nov 17, 10:02 AM
    Maybe if your idea of "traditionally" ignores most of the last quarter-century or so...
    AMD's 386 and 486 clones were always cheaper than Intel's, and they always at least matched the clock-for-clock performance of Intel's direct counterparts.

    Dec 24, 12:19 AM
    My question is if AT&T's exclusivity indeed DOESN'T expire until 2012, then what's the deal with the lack of AT&T iPhone commercials on TV these days? There was a time, not so long ago, when it seemd like every other TV commercial was AT&T whoring the iPhone. Now, it seems like I never see iPhone ads on TV and AT&T is touting every other phone EXCEPT the iPhone.

    Well AT&T has never directly designed commercials around the iPhone. Those commercials have always been done by Apple and just simply put have the carrier logo at the end of it.

    Jul 21, 09:27 AM
    At 0:42 he changes his grip to hold the phone to holding it with just his fingers and the signal rises again. It looks like his fingertips are touching the lower left of the phone. If you do this on the iPhone 4 and bridge the antenna gap, you don't regain signal.

    Looks to me like they're trying to pass off the problem of bridging the antenna gap on the iPhone as the same as blocking the antenna with your whole hand on all phones. All phones have the latter problem... But that's not the issue here.

    Jul 21, 08:40 PM
    go Apple. fight fire with fire.

    Sep 12, 08:30 AM
    Is this new?

    It's recent.. The sys displays the Ipod menu on the TV for "media center" style browsing

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